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Our team has been very busy with various projects these past couple of months, and we are so excited to share our work with you! One of our favorite projects was working with the Flagler County Free Clinic on creating a video campaign, which will serve as material for educating people about the clinic, recruiting clinic volunteers, and raising funds.

The Flagler County Free Clinic provides primary care to uninsured, economically-challenged residents of Flagler County. Our team was very lucky to collaborate with such as amazing organization for this project, and we are happy to know that the work of our agency will make a difference in someone’s life!

The main idea of the video was to interview and film various individuals associated with the clinic, such as patients, volunteers, staff, and the CEO of Florida Hospital Flagler. The interviewing process consisted of three days of shooting, and the footage was shot using a multi camera set-up to ensure that we create the best quality video. Next, our team worked hard to analyze all of the footage and edit it to create a video that captures the viewers attention and tells a story. The Executive Director of the clinic, Terri Belletto, shared that:

Levitation team managed to capture the essence of our clinic's heart and character, putting together with clarity our mission to provide quality medical and dental care to the economically challenged citizens of our community. Due to the knowledge and professionalism of the Levitation staff we now have a very effective tool to utilize in our community outreach efforts.”

Below are the mini video clips, created from the footage, that were shared through the social media and served as a video campaign. To keep the viewers on the social media more engaged in the content, it is always best to create small teaser videos from a much bigger footage to not overwhelm the audience with a very long video and ensure that you get your message across. The result is a more engaging and interested audience! The video clips also served as promotional teaser pieces to get the viewers excited for the final version of the video, which will be released very soon!

In addition to creating an amazing video campaign, our team also developed a logo for the clinic, that is shown below. At the beginning of the project, we noticed that the clinic did not have an existing logo that can be used for promotional and marketing purposes, such as including it in the videos. Our CEO and Creative Director, Dan Reut, said that:

We believe that it is very important for every company to have a professional quality logo that enables the business to brand itself and that tells the customer a story about the business.”


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As a result, our team put our creative hats on and got to work! We are so happy with the outcome and the feedback from the community has been amazing! It was our pleasure to work with the Flagler County Free Clinic and we are looking forward to sharing the final video version with our followers and the community.

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